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Happy Feet, based in Fairfax, Virginia, is an award-winning, adult clogging and tap dance group that performs at festivals, local events, private organizations, and senior communities. Variety and versatility are the trademarks of our performances. Our high-energy routines are performed to all types of music and are enhanced by a different, creative costume for almost each routine performed.

Happy Feet's performances can be tailored to suit their audiences. We can perform bluegrass, country, and Irish routines for a more traditional theme or oldies, pop, and disco numbers for a more modern theme. Or you can choose all music styles for even more variety. If you're looking for entertainment for children, Happy Feet can perform routines geared more for kids. During the last 20 minutes of our children's shows, we have audience participation. The kids are invited to learn a fun and easy dance routine. For all of our shows, our emcee introduces each routine, presents interesting clogging and music trivia, and explains how clogging originated.

The Bunny Hop

Is your group or organization interested in learning a new form of dance? Want to learn a few clogging or tap dance steps for fun? Happy Feet can come to your organization to teach basic clogging and/or tap steps to adults or children - no dance experience required.

For more information on booking a show or dance workshop, please contact Martha Hemingway, the director, at (703) 263-7934 or at martha_hemingway@yahoo.com.

Not sure what clogging is?

Hesitant to join a class for fear it's not for you?

Then clog with Martha on line!

Martha was recognized as a clogging "expert" by a company called Knowlera Media, who sent a professional filmmaker to Green Acres Center to tape her clogging. The videographer edited and produced ten "mini" clogging videos, which were put on www.monkeysee.com, Knowlera's new web site where consumers can access thousands of free how-to videos. After clicking on the site, just type in hemingway in the search box, and you can clog along with Martha. She teaches 16 beginning clogging steps - just a few of the steps new dancers learn in her Clogging I class. This gives you a chance to experience clogging firsthand. Give it a try!

Learn an Intermediate Level Routine

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