Happy Feet Cloggers

A Modern Clogging Group from Fairfax, Virginia

Summer 2024 Classes

Instructor: Martha Hemingway

The following classes are held at the Green Acres Center, 4401 Sideburn Road, Fairfax, VA. Clogging classes are held in Room 111. Line dancing classes are held in the gymnasium.

To register for classes, please go on line to City of Fairfax Parks and Rec Dept website

Line Dancing for Seniors
Ages: 55 and up
Mondays, 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.
Session A (6 weeks - $45): May 13 - Jul 1, 2024 (No class May 27 and Jun 24)
Session B (6 weeks - $45): Jul 15 - Aug 19, 2024
Drop-in Fee: $8

Get some exercise, work your brain, hear good music, and have fun! Learn basic line dance steps like the grapevine, shuffle, and rocking chair. Participants are in rows and dance to a series of choreographed steps that are repeated throughout the routine while facing 2 or 4 walls. Several routines will be taught during each class to country, pop, and oldies music. No partner necessary.

Clogging Beginner III
Ages: 13 and up
Wednesdays, 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Session A (7 weeks - $60): May 1 - Jun 12, 2024
Session B (8 weeks - $68): Jul 10 - Aug 28, 2024

This Beginner III dance class is for teens/adults who have completed Clogging Beginner II or who have prior clogging experience at that level. Clogging steps and combinations will be taught at a faster pace. Learn fun routines to country, pop, disco, and oldies music. This is a modern clogging dance class, not traditional. Flat tap shoes or clogging shoes required but not for the first class. Instructor may have shoes you can use.

Fall line dancing classes start September 9, 2024. Fall clogging classes start September 11, 2024.

Not sure what clogging is?

Hesitant to join a class for fear it's not for you?

Then clog with Martha on line!

Martha was recognized as a clogging "expert" by a company called Knowlera Media, who sent a professional filmmaker to Green Acres Center to tape her clogging. The videographer edited and produced ten "mini" clogging videos, which were put on www.monkeysee.com, Knowlera's new web site where consumers can access thousands of free how-to videos. After clicking on the site, just type in hemingway in the search box, and you can clog along with Martha. She teaches 16 beginning clogging steps - just a few of the steps new dancers learn in her Clogging I class. This gives you a chance to experience clogging firsthand. Give it a try!

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