Happy Feet Cloggers

A Modern Clogging Group from Fairfax, Virginia


Adults and teens interested in joining Happy Feet should email or call the instructor, Martha Hemingway. Dancers must have clogging experience at the Beginning II level or higher or must have intermediate tap experience with the ability to master clogging technique quickly. Please note that this is a performing group and not a general clogging class. Membership is contingent on the instructor's approval.

TAPPERS MAKE GREAT CLOGGERS! If you are a present or former tap dance performer looking for a group to join, please check out Happy Feet. Martha has an extensive tap background and, with extra one-on-one time plus an instructional video, can turn you into a clogger in no time. In fact, Martha incorporates both tap and jazz in many of her clogging routines. This adds variety to the choreography and makes the routines more interesting for the dancer as well as the audience.


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